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The Colors of Health debuts at FNCE 2013

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The Food and Wellness Group team is previewing its Colors of Health initiative at the 2013 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in Houston, October 19 – 22. The Colors of Health is a color-guided, goal-oriented marketing initiative to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables to 5 cups a day. Using the power and appeal of color to communicate the health benefits of fruits and vegetables–and drive increased purchase and consumption–the program is designed to move people from passive awareness to active achievement. At FNCE Expo Booth 1730, the team is previewing...

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The Power of White: Unpacking the phytonutrients in potatoes

Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in News | 1 comment

Even white fruits and vegetables have phyto-power. The phytochemical content of white potatoes is the subject of a recent article posted by Jay McCrum, CEO of Penobscot McCrum, a leading supplier of potato specialty products.  Drawing on the phytochemical analysis done by the USDA’s Agriculture Research Service (ARS), the article goes a step further in establishing the all-popular white potato as a vegetable worthy of healthy respect. The Food and Wellness Group has been working with Penobscot McCrum to elevate the nutrient-rich profile of potatoes. The potato’s combination of high...

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Maine Lobster Industry Takes Major Step Forward

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in News | Comments Off on Maine Lobster Industry Takes Major Step Forward

The Maine Lobster industry has taken a major step toward building a mechanism to increase global demand for Maine Lobster. John Sauve, Food and Wellness Group president and former Executive Director of the Wild Blueberry Association of North America, has been consulting with the Maine Lobster Advisory Council to develop a strategic structure—a framework for a four-part initiative—to significantly enhance the brand identity of Maine Lobster and increase demand for Maine’s signature seafood product.  Quoting a recent article in the Bangor Daily News, “The advisory council hired Sauve...

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Building Demand for Maine Lobster

Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in News | 2 comments

The Food and Wellness Group has been tapped by the Maine Lobster Advisory Council (LAC) to provide analysis and insights to the industry as it grapples with future funding and marketing decisions. John Sauvé, president of the Food and Wellness Group, has been consulting with an LAC subcommittee, including harvesters, processors and dealers, and has presented initial findings and recommendations in a series of regional public meetings. Read full article

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Fired Up About Frozen Fruit

Posted by on May 25, 2012 in News | Comments Off on Fired Up About Frozen Fruit

In the May issue of Grocery Headquarters, Food and Wellness Group’s Mike Collins recently shone a bright light on the benefits of frozen fruit, one of the fastest-growing categories in the supermarket. Quoted extensively in an article by Elizabeth Louise Hatt entitled “Nutrition on Ice,” Mike extols the virtues of products like Frozen Wild Blueberries: “It’s an excellent value for consumers who want to improve their diets while making the most of their food dollar and their time.” Frozen Wild Blueberries (and FWG) feature prominently in the story, which encourages retailers to do...

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