The Cheeses of France

U.S. Market Strategy: Parlez-vous Fromage?

With this intriguing question, we opened up a conversation between American cheese lovers (both consumers and retailers) and the producers of some of the finest cheeses in the world: The Cheeses of France. For the first time ever, we brought together hundreds of imported French cheeses and promoted them under one umbrella brand in the US.

Through an integrated mix of advertising, PR, promotion, retail POS, and web-based communications, we educated both consumers and the trade about the “language of French cheese,” explored the art and science of the Fromage Plate, delivered the rich satisfaction of Comfort Cuisine, and elevated the mystique of an authentic, artisan food that has centuries of history and romance behind it.

Making the Health Connection

French cheese has a celebrated place within one of the world’s healthiest eating  patterns, the Mediterranean Diet. By elevating elevating French Cheese as “a healthy part of the Med Diet,” we gave cheese-lovers permission to indulge on a daily basis, in moderation of course. Along the way, we helped demystify the French Paradox –– the fact that the French, whose diet is typically higher in fat than ours, have lower rates of heart disease and obesity. Some researchers suspect that a combination of cheese, bread and wine lies at the heart of this mystery.

We established the Cheeses of France brand, drawing upon the romantic imagery, language and mystique of French terroir–the unique characteristics of each region that define the many varieties of fromage.
To launch the Cheeses of France brand, we appeared in leading food magazines like Bon Apetit, as well as online travel sites like Our “learning sweepstakes” pushed consumers to the website to participate in a quiz, with a trip to France as a grand prize.
In an effort to own the in-home usage occasion, we worked with industry experts such as Max McCalman, author of The Cheese Plate, to influence the influencers. We created a series of signature Fromage Plates, in print and online, which represented a virtual tour of the cheese-making regions of France.
In trade communications, we created powerful incentives to encourage specialty cheese retailers to learn more about fromage, better merchandise their French Cheeses, and engage with the Cheeses of France marketing activities.
We developed a strong Cheeses of France web presence that provided deep content on the cheeses and regions of France, the language of cheese, recipes, information on the Mediterranean Diet and more.
Our Comfort Cuisine recipe collection offered “affordable luxury” and extended the use occasions for fine French cheeses. Partnering with the Culinary Institute of America, we created recipes suitable for anything from casual meal to special event.