Wild Blueberry Association

From Commodity to Brand: Nature’s Antioxidant Superfruit

Once considered a commodity ingredient, Wild Blueberries today are recognized as Nature’s premium superfruit, prized worldwide for their sky-high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) rating–the leading scientific measure of antioxidant capacity.

Our team was the first to uncover and build awareness of the ORAC assay in the fruits and veggies category. We continue to support and promote the growing body of research that links Wild Blueberries with a range of potential anti-aging benefits, including maintaining brain and heart health and reducing the risk of cancer.

This health-based strategy has made great-tasting Wild Blueberries from Maine and Canada an antioxidant superfood icon while consistently increasing worldwide trade and consumer demand year after year. Our high antioxidant capacity––higher even than cultivated blueberries––enables us to differentiate our product and create preference for the “better blueberry.”

Through integrated promotional programs, including the Wild Blueberries website, advertising and PR, online marketing and social media, we’re training health-conscious consumers to look for Frozen Wild Blueberries in their supermarkets year-round so they can get the anti-aging “Power of Blue.” We’re
also persuading nutritionists and food trade professionals to Go Wild–not just blueberries, Wild Blueberries.

Our team was first to leverage the Wild Blueberry’s high ORAC score to promote its antioxidant health benefits. With twice the total antioxidant capacity per serving as their cultivated cousins, Wild Blueberries are a fruit ingredient with a unique “health halo.”
Our PR efforts have succeeded in making Wild Blueberries health super stars, as this clip with Dr. Mehmet Oz on the Oprah show demonstrates. Wild Blueberries consistently appear at the top of everyone’s superfruit lists as new research fuels the buzz.
For the trade, we have developed a set of Wild Advantages that creates preference for our product. Our unique attributes of taste, size, antioxidant power, performance and “wild mystique” effectively differentiate Wild from cultivated blueberries.
Our strategy to differentiate Wild from cultivated blueberries takes on a new look with the “More Bang For Your Berry” campaign, integrated into print, trade show, collateral, PR, and digital media.
We created a series of web-based videos to connect consumer and the trade with the Wild Blueberry story. In “A Culinary Star,” chefs talk about their preference for using Wild Blueberries in their recipes.
We’re encouraging retailers to stock up on Frozen Fresh Wild Blueberries, the superfruit today’s consumers are looking for. With demand for antioxidant-rich foods higher than ever, our product offers the ultimate in taste, convenience and health in every season.